Considering What Type of Bike to Buy

Over the course of her career, Hampton Barringer Luzak has held a variety of positions in fields as diverse as sales and feature-film casting. She also has experience rehabilitating historical real estate. Beyond her professional interests, Hampton Luzak enjoys leading an active lifestyle, engaging in many winter sports, and in summer, spends time cycling.

When it comes to cycling, individuals have a wide range of bike models to consider. Racing bikes, for example, are simple, lightweight, and easy to transport and store. These bikes, as the name indicates, are ideal for people interested in competitive or high-speed riding. That said, racing bikes are relatively fragile and emphasize speed over comfort, making them a poor fit for the long, leisurely rides offered by “touring” bikes.

Commuter bikes can be viewed as almost the opposite of racing bikes. Designed for individuals going to and from work, these bikes are comfortable and durable while also maintaining convenient features, such as added storage and mudguards. Commuter bikes, however, make for slow rides and offer less in the way of maneuverability.

For off-roaders, there are gravel bikes and mountain bikes. Gravel bikes are similar to mountain bikes, though they are not ideal for excessively rugged terrain, for which mountain bikes are needed. Gravel bikes balance relative speed and comfort with the ability to take on trails and other off-pavement conditions

Individuals preparing to purchase a bike should consider their most pressing needs and consult with a cycling expert on what kind of bike best meets those needs.