Hampton Luzak

A diversely experienced creative professional, Hampton Luzak is a creative professional who has been involved in a diverse range of projects over several decades.

Hampton Luzak

Her career was launched in advertising, where she worked on the creative side of BBDO in New York after earning a degree in American Studies from Hollins College in Virginia. Hampton then worked for two fashion houses – Eileen West and Bill Rondina’s Carlisle, Inc. – in client relations and PR.

The experience and knowledge that Hampton gained in fashion led her to MSNBC, where she was brought on as on-air talent to produce and present segments on fashion and special interests. Hampton developed a broad range of media contacts while at MSNBC which connected her to the independent Feature film industry in New York. Film has been a lifelong passion, and Hampton parlayed her encyclopedic knowledge of roles and actors in contemporary movies into a position as a casting director on numerous film projects. One of these projects, Chaperone, was nominated for an American Academy Award/Student Academy Award for Directing and won an AFI award for Best Short film. Other awards have included the Hampton International Film Festival, the Big Muddy Film Festival, Method Fest and the Portland Film Festival of World Cinema.

Hampton left behind her media projects when she became pregnant with her son, Wade. She prioritized her role as mother over any professional pursuits during his childhood. However, Hampton’s creativity was focused during this period to the restoration and decoration of historic homes. She directed projects in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. As a member of the Society of Colonial Dames and the Society of Mayflower Descendants, Hampton brought to these projects not only her well developed design aesthetic but also a deep awareness of and connectivity with American history.

In addition to her career as a creative, Hampton is deeply engaged as a philanthropist. She supports the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and has personally rescued many dozens of dogs who were set to be euthanized in the southeast US by flying them to states with longer adoption cycles. She is also a supporter of the Joyful Heart Foundation, numerous Environmental causes including the Wilderness Society, and several programs that provide supplemental arts and sports activities to at-risk children in the northeast and the southeast US.

Hampton is very engaged with the outdoors. She resides in Wyoming where she is an avid Alpine and Nordic skier in the winter months and a daily hiker during the summer.

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Over the course of her career, Hampton Barringer Luzak has held a variety of positions in fields as diverse as sales and feature-film casting. She also has experience rehabilitating historical real estate. Beyond her professional interests, Hampton Luzak enjoys leading an active lifestyle, engaging in many winter sports, and in summer, spends time cycling.

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Commuter bikes can be viewed as almost the opposite of racing bikes. Designed for individuals going to and from work, these bikes are comfortable and durable while also maintaining convenient features, such as added storage and mudguards. Commuter bikes, however, make for slow rides and offer less in the way of maneuverability.

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